How long will my Stove Installation take?

How long will my Stove Installation take? Our customers usually can’t wait for us to finish so they can relax in front of beautiful new fire. At Glowing Stoves, we try to complete our installations as timely as possible to minimise disruption and fuss. 95% of Stove Installations are completed in one day. Occasionally however, this cannot be achieved due to factors outside of our control. These could be related to Chimney size, shape and obstacles. We recently completed a chimney flue lining project and found the chimney to be full of debris. In fact, we filled our van with the contents.

Come rain or shine, we try to complete your installation as quickly as possible. However, if it is exceptionally windy, we cannot go onto the roof. We sometimes get installations that we think will take half a day and they end up taking 2 days! This is very rare though. Also, some chimneys will need scaffolding especially on period properties. We use a good scaffold company however they are often busy with a 2-week lead time. Despite this, we like to use them as they are careful.

Fireplace alterations.

Fireplace alterations will also add more time. These could be enlargements, knockouts, bespoke hearths etc. Twin Wall Chimney systems also add more time, especially internal chimneys. Fortunately for us however, we have a great tiler and plasterer in our team. Glowing Stoves can offer many solutions and ideas. Give us a call to discuss your project. Let us advise you on the best approach. All advice is free!

We love the wow factor in some of our alterations. We hope you will too.

Glowing Stoves are passionate about Log Burners and Fireplaces. Say goodbye to your inefficient open fire and let us make your home cosy.