What is the best wood for my Log Burner?

We are often asked what is the best wood for my log burner, therefore we have gathered some advice for you. Generally speaking ash, oak, cherry, hawthorn, birch and beech are considered to be the best. Stay away from woods with a high tar content as these leave tar deposits in your flue. These include pine, cedar and eucalyptus. Above all Try to buy your logs the year before use and stack with an air draft. Always try to burn hard wood. Do not try and burn plastic or rubber ever. Contact Woodsure for more info.

Where should i store my logs?

Off the ground is best. Store them in a purpose built log store. Make sure it’s level however as the logs will be heavy. Also leave a 10 centimeter gap if cladding the store. Build your log store in an area that has airflow such as a sunny spot in your garden. Furthermore never chuck them in your damp cellar. They will go moldy and stay damp.

Use a moisture meter.

Moisture meters are a great way to see if your logs are ready. Its important to make sure that the wood is well seasoned and has a moisture content below 20%. Glowing Stoves will supply moisture meters on request. They are very inexpensive and work well. These meters take away the guesswork.

Make sure you get your chimney swept at least annually. This is very important. Please see our FAQ on this.