Wood burner stove and brick fireplace installation in Taunton, Somerset.

We install a wood burner stove, brick fireplace, and slate hearth in this project. We remove the existing fireplace hearth. Dark grey Brasilian Slate is the replacement. We cut the slate into a T and bed it in before sealing it.

Brick Slips.

Our customers like the look of red bricks and grey mortar. However, using full bricks will mean reducing the opening. We opt for brick slips from Brick Slips .co .uk. Because they are only 20 mm thick, the opening is only reduced by 50 mm. After fixing the brick slips, it is impossible to tell that they are not full bricks. The wood burner stove contrasts well against the red colour. However, to achieve a full brick look on the front, brick corners must be used. It is equally important to seal all masonry areas prior to fixing with a flexible cement-based adhesive. We then point the joints in with a mortar gun.

Taunton wood stove installation.


Brick fireplace and stove installation.


Mendip wood burner stove installation.

These incredibly popular wood burning stoves are very efficient. The Woodland which we install here is 5KW. Furthermore, it is the winner of the home and hearth awards. Because of the design and attractive look, it is Mendips best selling log burner. A key feature that we like is the ability to control the flame height with a simple action. On this wood burner stove installation, we use a quality flexible flue liner with a lifetime warranty.

Because of the chimney height, we erect our tower scaffold. However, nothing is ever straightforward. The chimney pots and first 2 rows of bricks are loose. One of the pots has a crack in it so we replace it with a 300 mm cannon head chimney pot. After the chimney repairs are made, we light and test the wood burner. As usual, the Mendip Woodland performs great.