Woodburner Installation in Taunton, Somerset.

Today’s Woodburner Installation is an Ecosy Panoramic 5 KW widescreen. This wood burning stove is proving very popular, however, it’s not surprising. Many boxes are ticked with this woodburner. Despite its 5 KW size, it has a huge screen. Furthermore, it’s SIA ready. This means it meets future and current regulations. It’s a really up-to-date stove that is efficient. My customers did their homework and made a great choice. This woodburner installation went well. The Ecosy Panoramic stove needs to be 350 mm from combustibles. Because of this we remove the wood skirting and make good with plaster. The roof is good and solid. Our ladder is stable. The sun is shining and it’s not windy! We get the job done.

Ecosy Panoramic Log Burner Technical Information for woodburner installation.

Ecosy Panoramics are slimline widescreen log burners. Besides this, the efficiency, coupled with a widescreen, therefore, make this a winner.

Ecosy Slimline Panoramic 5kw – Performance Test as an illustration. Additionally also dependent on fuel used during operation.
Weight 85kg.
80 % Total Efficiency.
Nominal heat output kW 5.00 – No vent required for this Woodburner Installation.
Mean CO emission (at 13 % O2) 0.09%.
Mean flue gas temperature ºC 276.
Flue gas mass flow g/s 4.3.
Mean CnHm emission (at 13 % O2) Nmg/m3 – 69.
DIN Plus particulates (at 13 % O2) Nmg/m3 – 39.
Mean NOx emission (at 13 % O2) Nmg/m3 – 99.

In spite of the large screen, it’s an affordable log burner. A good Woodburner Installation is going to make this home cosy. Additionally, in contrast to the price, however, it looks more expensive than it is.

In conclusion, buy one and basically, you won’t be disappointed.

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