Why use a Hetas registered installer?

Many customers will ask the question “Why use a Hetas registered installer?”

It is vital that your logburner, wood burner or multi fuel stove is installed properly and efficiently. This is both to ensure your safety and to have the system ‘signed-off’ by a professional.  Only a HETAS engineer or a specialist from the local council can do this. They will ensure compliance with the legal requirements set out in document J of Building Regulations.

If you install a wood burner stove or any biomass, wood or solid fuel appliance we recommend using a hetas installer. Without using a HETAS Registered Installer you may be invalidating any future insurance claim relating to the install. Furthermore if something goes wrong following the installation you could be in deep water.

Hetas certificate.

A HETAS Registered Installer self-certifies his or her work. They will make sure that their work complies with all building regulations. Customers are issued with a Certificate of Compliance following installation. The information on the certificate is used to record the installation. In England it’s also used to notify Local Building  Control. Landlords need to particularly mindful of relevant regulations.

Glowing Stoves are Hetas registered installers based in Taunton. We can supply, service and install Stoves. Its what we do ! We do it well. So our customers tell us.

Before Hetas came along!

There was a time when anybody could fit a wood burner or stove despite having no qualifications.  However after many house fires and casualties, something had to change. We used to work in houses that were an accident waiting to happen. No air vents. No CO alarms. Stoves fitted too close to combustibles. The list goes on and on. We even saw a flue wedged in with newspaper. Basically you could do what you wanted. Carbon monoxide is never even mentioned however, despite it being deadly. Nonetheless a change was in the air. Because of this the government decided to regulate fitters. Furthermore they made Hetas the body to oversee this.

What is HETAS?

HETAS Installer in TauntonHetas promotes the safe and efficient installation, maintenance and use of solid fuel appliances. Such as wood burner stoves, log burners, chimneys and flues.

They are leaders in the education and training of installers. Furthermore, combined with their big influence over legislation, regulations and policies, you can be reassured. All Hetas Installers will have thorough practical and theory training. Hetas are fussy about this.  Hetas makes regular assesments. Installers must demonstrate that they have achieved the required level of expertise in order to receive this accreditation. Glowing Stoves engineers. do regular refresher courses. Hetas inspects work at regular intervals.. Always ask to see an installers certificate and insurance.

Hetas registers and approves Glowing Stoves

Our registered and insured Hetas engineers have H003 as well as H006 certificates. Check with Hetas if in doubt! Furthermore Glowing stoves has £2 million liability insurance. We do everything by the book and never cut corners.

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