Why is chimney flue lining important?

We carry out many chimney flue lining projects. In fact, Glowing Stoves never install a wood burning stove without one. Despite the cost of a decent flue liner, this will more than pay for itself in the long run.Installing a chimney flue liner in Wrantage, Taunton.

A good wood stove installation requires a quality flue liner. Many stove manufacturers will state the size of chimney flue liner required. However, flue liners differ in quality. Glowing Stoves use flue liners from Mi-Flues or Duraflue. Chimney liners usually come in two flavours. 316 or 904 grade. Because of the price difference, we generally recommend using a 316 unless you plan to burn solid fuel.

Chimney flue lining for an open fire.

Regulations state that open fires need a minimum flue diameter of 200 mm (eight inches). This chimney project is for an open fire. Due to the size and weight of the flue liner, it is advisable to have scaffold in place.

This installation in Wrantage near Taunton, Somerset, encountered some issues. We knew that it would be a tight fit. However, despite our efforts, we could not pull the liner down the chimney due to obstacles. Some chimney flue lining projects do have issues. The solution was to cut into the chimney stack at 1st floor level and remove some of the brick. Despite this setback we finally have success. First we remove the chimney pot. We then connect the liner with a top plate, sleeve and clamp. The chimney pot is then bedded on top. Finally, we connect a fireplace flue gather. the flue gather sits above an open fire and encourages the smoke into the flue. After all, nobody likes a smokey room.

Wood burning stove or open fire?

We regard Chimney flue lining as essential. Glowing Stoves prefer wood or multi-fuel stoves to open fires. This is partly due to efficiency. Stoves can be 85% efficient, whereas open fires around 20%. Safety is also an issue. No spitting logs to damage your beautiful carpets. Additionally, carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Carbon monoxide will not enter your home once the joints are connected and sealed correctly. You can find lots of info online regarding this. Glowing Stoves are chimney flue lining specialists.

Call us for chimney flue lining services as well as wood burning stove sales and installations. Despite Covid-19 we are still open but insist on working alone and following government guidelines.

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