Tiverton stove installation by Glowing Stoves, Taunton, Somerset.

Looking for Tiverton stove installers to install your wood burning stove? This woodburner installation in an old inglenook fireplace looks great on a stone hearth. We install a 4.9 KW Yeoman Exe wood burning stove in Ash Thomas, Tiverton, Devon. When we get up to the chimney stack, we find that there is no chimney pot. Furthermore, the chimney stack size is too large, so we bed a slab on top to give a base for the new chimney pot. The Yeoman is a solid stove weighing in at around 100 KG. It will heat an area of seventy cubic meters. Despite it’s size, it is a 4.9 KW model. This means that an air vent is not required.

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Glowing Stoves are still working through the covid-19 pandemic. However, we insist on social distancing and adhere to all government advice. Despite the challenging times, we have ordered new stock to enable us to continue working. Furthermore, we are still able to source many eco-design wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.  Please contact us for more information. Our Tiverton stove installers offer FREE surveys and advice.

Yeoman Stoves are based in Exeter, Devon.

They first started over 25 years ago on a farm in Devon. Yeoman are now a major producer of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves. We like their traditional look and feel, coupled with modern technological improvements. Despite their humble beginnings, Yeoman Stoves are now part of the Stovax group. Purchasing a wood burning stove from this company will help our local economy. Furthermore, we will always try to encourage our customers to buy British.

Yeoman Exe 4.9 KW key features:


  • Locally made in Devon, providing local jobs and helping our economy. Our Tiverton Stove installers like this!
  • 85% efficient when burning smokeless fuels. 78% for wood.
  • Approved for a smoke control area.
  • Class A energy efficiency.
  • Option to connect to a boiler.
  • It has a clean burn and air wash system.
  • Various door options including single and double doors. Also, Tudor rose crosses or plain air spinners.
  • 150 mm flue system.
  • Option of rear or top flue connection.
  • Double sided versions are also available.
  • 4.9 KW nominal heat output. No air-vent is required for this Tiverton stove installation.
  • 5 Year warranty. However, this excludes consumables such as glass, firebricks, rope etc.
  • 300 mm log length.
  • The Yeoman Exe has a traditional design.
  • Distance to combustibles: 500 mm sides and 500 mm at the rear. However, this can be reduced with heat shielding.
  • Distance to non-combustibles: 50 mm. If walls are less than 200 mm thick, additional heat shielding may be required.
  • Option of black or brass handles.
  • Matt black finish.
  • Please note that although the multi-fuel stove version is DEFRA approved, the log burner version is NOT.
  • Eco-design compliant: The Yeoman Exe is not currently SIA approved or Eco-design compliant.
  • Width 600 mm.
  • Depth 310 mm.
  • Height 520 mm.

Let our Hetas Tiverton stove installers fit your log burner or multi-fuel stove. As well as stove sales and installations, Glowing Stoves also do fireplace alterations.