Jotul F100 wood burning stove installed in Wrantage, Taunton, Somerset.

This heavy wood burning stove is made by Norwegian stove company Jotul. Jotul have been making fireplaces and stoves for over 160 years. Their stoves are made of cast iron and with very long warranties. Glowing Stoves recommend their products. Although Jotul stoves are not cheap, they are very well made. With correct use, they will last a lifetime.

This large inglenook fireplace is well suited for a log burner. Despite its beautiful appearance, an inglenook fireplace is probably the most inefficient fireplace. Open fires are typically 20% efficient. Wood stoves on the other hand can be 90%. We think its important to be more economical from an eco standpoint. Furthermore, installing a stove is much safer for your home. No more spitting wood on to your new carpet.

Installing a wood burning stove into your inglenook fireplace.

This Jotul stove installation is near Taunton, Somerset. It involves fitting a flue liner and six inch components. We wrap the flue liner in a flue jacket prior to installing it. Despite the extra cost, we feel it is important. As well as making the chimney more efficient, a flue jacket helps prevent condensation. This will increase the life of your flexible flue liner.

Flue liner installed in Taunton, Somerset

A six inch flexible flue liner insulated with blanket wrap.

We also fit an internal chimney bracket to keep the flue liner away from the cold stone wall. The components are sourced from the team at Mi-flues in Taunton. We cut a large amount of 1.5 mm galvanised plate for the register plate. We sweep the chimney prior to fitting the flue liner.

About the Jotul F100 log burner.

These woodburners are very heavy. On later models the flue spigot has decreased to 125 mm. However this wood burning stove is an earlier model and has a 150 mm diameter.

  • Cast iron body and doors.
  • DEFRA approved for smoke control areas.
  • Traditional design with tracery on doors.
  • Top and rear flue connections.
  • 5 KW. No additional air vent.
  • Weight 111 KG.
  • Height 570 mm.
  • Depth  445 mm.
  • Width 526 mm.
  • Wood burning stove and multi-fuel models.
  • This stove is 78% efficient.
  • The current list price is around £1299 including VAT.

This is a great stove, however the long distance to combustibles make it unsuitable for many installations. Moreover, this stove requires 550 mm sides and 400 mm to the rear. Beware of this before purchasing.

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