Coronavirus update for Glowing Stoves customers.

Coronavirus update for Glowing Stoves Stove installations and sales in Somerset.

We want to keep you informed about what we are doing in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus update for Glowing Stoves

How are Glowing Stoves preparing to deal with COVID19?

Glowing Stoves are taking the threat of Coronavirus very seriously. We are following the very latest government advice to protect our customers and colleagues and will continue to trade. However, in light of this virus, we will currently only work under certain conditions. Please see below.

Social distancing.

We kindly request that our customers DO NOT ENTER the work areas where a wood-burning stove installation is being carried out. This includes installation and commissioning. When we explain how to operate your stove, we will be wearing a mask and gloves and request a minimum 2-meter distance.

If you have ordered a stove through us, we are happy to deliver albeit under social distancing constraints. The info in this coronavirus update is important.

We will observe safe practice guidelines and will wash our hands upon entry to any home or business. Our staff will also carry sanitiser and wipe down tactile areas, eg door handles, water taps, etc. When collecting materials and components, our suppliers will either deliver to us direct or we shall collect at designated times, where no persons are present.

If any of our customers are showing any signs of the virus, please tell us immediately. We can then take further precautions.

Many of our suppliers have shut down but some are still operating with limited service. An example of this can be found at Mi-Flues and Flue and Ducting. Please understand that we we carry a substantial stock of flue liners and components. However, our supply chain has been badly hit.

Preparing the work area for a stove installation.

Further to this coronavirus update; We also require that entrance doors can be left open whilst working. This is to minimise touching doors and handles. We would also need space to work around the fireplace. Glowing Stoves kindly request that furniture is moved away from the fireplace area. We normally do this. However, to minimise us touching your furniture we ask you to do this. If this is not possible, we will move furniture with fresh gloves.

When we finish your stove installation.

We will wipe down areas that we think we have touched after installation. We kindly ask you to do the same. Again, this is to minimise risk.

While this is a challenging time for everyone, we believe that if we all pull together as a nation Coronavirus will be beaten. Glowing Stoves have put into action these practices to ensure our services are delivered safely.

For more info on this highly infectious disease please visit our government guidance. We hope that our Coronavirus update for Glowing Stoves gives you confidence in our safe working practices.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This virus has had a huge impact on us all. Despite this, we are happy to work. What we must not do is downplay the effects of covid 19. It has devastated our planet and left almost no country untouched. However, with a common-sense approach, Glowing Stoves will carry on working.

Please call us for more info.

James Perry (Director)

Glowing Stoves