False Chimney Breast & Stove Installation in Wellington, Somerset.

A false chimney breast is a great way of installing a wood burner and hiding the chimney flue. This stove installation is in an extension in Wellington. We make the chimney breast using a metal stud and A1 rated fireboard. It is essential to use a fireboard as it is non-combustible. This fireplace chamber is built with distance to combustibles in mind. It is important to plan carefully when creating a fireplace.

We install the F2 Vue Landscape stove. Despite its large size, it is a 5KW nominal output. Furthermore, this is a multi-fuel stove so smokeless fuel may also be used. However, Glowing Stoves always prefer to use kiln-dried hardwood. Burning wood is almost carbon neutral and has a great flame pattern.

The wood burner is laid on a slate hearth. We cut the hearth into a T shape. It now fits perfectly within this false chimney breast. The hearth is then laid onto a flexible adhesive. We then apply one coat of slate sealer. This enhances the colour and tone of your slate hearth.

This chimney breast is now a focal point of the room. Our customers want to mount a flat-screen television above the oak mantle. However, Hetas recommend that televisions are not fixed above your wood burner. Despite this, our customers want the TV centered on the chimney breast. We add extra supports to accommodate the weight. The cables are then routed through the metal stud.

A false fireplace installation is a great space saver.

Fixing a television to the chimney breast saves space. It also gives a really sleek and contemporary look. This is a very popular feature. However, a suitable distance must be achieved between the television and your wood burner.

New homes rarely have chimneys nowadays. Building a false chimney breast allows for the twin wall chimney system to be hidden. It also creates a focal point with a lot of wow factor.

What size should my new chimney breast be?

This depends on the size of the room to some extent. A small chimney breast will look lost in a large room. However, in a small room, a large chimney breast will dominate the area. Getting the size right is important. For a medium-sized room, we like to have 1300mm width and 350-400mm depth. Furthermore, it is important to take into account stove depth at the planning stage. After all, you don’t want the stove sitting too far forward or being lost at the rear of the fireplace chamber. We cannot stress enough the importance of planning correctly prior to commencing the project.

Why choose the F2 Vue Landscape multi-fuel stove?

This is a great stove and looks fantastic in this false chimney breast.  We sell these multi-fuel stoves for £850 including VAT. They are cast iron and have really good build quality. This multi-fuel stove is designed by award-winning Paul Agnew. This stove has a contemporary look and a large glass window. However, at around a hundred kilos, it is heavy and a two-man job. We always get good feedback from our customers regarding the F2 Vue Landscape.

Can we install a new fireplace for you?

Absolutely! Please give us a call or email us and we will book you in for a FREE survey.