Stove installation of an F2 Vue Landscape and fireplace enlargement in Ilminster, Somerset.

The multi fuel stove installation pictured here is for an F2 stove. Glowing Stoves in Taunton are proud to supply and install F2 stoves. F2 Stoves are designed in Britain by Paul Agnew. Paul has been working in the industry for almost forty years. Paul Agnew designs are renowned internationally for the design and manufacture of fireplaces. They work with wood, gas, and electric stoves as well as multi fuel. The build quality of F2 stoves is impressive. Furthermore, despite being extremely heavy, they are great to install.

Why we chose an F2 Vue Landscape for this stove installation.

We enlarged this fireplace back to the original opening. However, as it is an older Georgian property, we know that a large opening is there somewhere. After removing bricks and rubble we find a 1000 x 1000mm opening. Our customers choose a 1500 x 900 slate hearth. Glen, our labourer almost walks home after having to carry it up the steps. To say it is heavy is the understatement of the year. Despite this, we trim the slate hearth and cut it into a T. After bedding it in we continue with the stove installation. However, we first have to rebuild the rear fireplace chamber wall and render it. Because the rear fireplace wall is very uneven, two coats of sand and cement render are used. Because of the heat, never use plaster for this task.

Initially, our customers choose a smaller stove. Although still 5KW, they feel that the Loughrigg 5KW wood burner is not big enough dimensionally. Because of this, they opt for the f2 Vue Landscape multi fuel stove. These are a new range of Ecodesign stoves and we adore the look and features. Made of cast iron, this stove is very heavy. Because of this, two people are needed for this stove installation. Although cast iron takes longer to heat up, it has the advantage of retaining heat for longer than steel.

Why Glowing Stoves like the F2 Vue Landscape multi fuel stove.

  • Great build quality and design.
  • Ecodesign compliant.
  • Defra approved for smoke control areas.
  • Fully constructed with cast iron.
  • 375 mm log length.
  • A+ efficiency rated.
  • Top and rear flue options for your stove installation.
  • 4.9 KW nominal output. However, it has a 4-8 KW range.
  • The RRP for this stove is £899.
  • Secondary air wash system. This helps keep the glass clean.
  • This stove is suitable for a 12mm hearth.

These are just some of the points that we like. Furthermore, we love its clean contemporary style. Despite its mid-range price tag, Glowing Stoves think that this stove punches above its weight.

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