Wood burning stove installers in Taunton, Somerset.

Stove specialists, Glowing Stoves sell and install most brands of wood burners and multi fuel stoves. Based in Taunton, Somerset, we cover almost all of Somerset and Devon. We are passionate about log burners and really want you to love being next to your fireplace. When we carry out your woodburner installation, you can be sure of quality materials and services. Despite our low prices, we only use quality components. Glowing Stoves really want you to be pleased with your stove installation. We want you to look back after many years and feel that you had a good service that is good value for money.

Some projects overrun due to chimney issues. Because of this, we don’t make our margin on the installation fee. However, when we give a quote, we stick to it. We want two boxes ticked. Namely to get paid and for you the customer to be happy.

Ecosy Hampton 5 wood burning stove installation in Taunton, Somerset.

From the outset, I took an instant liking to Richard and Leah. We have shared travel interests. They have a fantastic 1930s home in Taunton. The fireplace opening is a good size with a class one chimney. They choose an Ecosy Hampton log burner. It is one of the most efficient stoves available at its price point. Because it is also an Ecodesign compliant stove, you can be sure of being kind to our environment.

This wood burner installation took two days. When we got up to the chimney we discover a large birds nest about 4 meters down. Furthermore, the wind was gusting at 45 mph! This is scary when you are ten meters up from the ground. So we come back on Saturday morning and finish off the stove installation.

We carry out a spillage test and a smoke test. All is good. The flue draught reading is 19 pascals which is perfect. Decent chimney height is so important for wood burning stoves.

Why choose an Ecosy Hampton log burner?

  • Super efficient. A+ efficiency, 84%
  • Ecodesign compliant meaning that it meets all future regulations.
  • DEFRA approved for smoke control areas. After all, who wants to upset their neighbors?
  • Steel and cast iron stove body
  • Height 500mm,
  • Width 420mm.
  • Depth 335mm.
  • Attractive large glass area.
  • .A fantastic value for the money log burner.
  • Thick steel stovetops. They are 10mm.
  • Short distance to combustibles. 300mm at the rear of the stove.

We have installed lots of these wood-burning stoves and have always received positive feedback.

More info about Ecosy Stoves.

Ecosy Stoves are based in Tadley, Hampshire. They focus on budget-friendly, high performance, wood burning stoves. Additionally, all of their stoves are DEFRA approved and ecodesign compliant. Because they are members of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), they design stoves to high eco standards. All of their stoves feature a minimum five year warranty. Their stoves are very clean burning and efficient. Furthermore, they rank as some of the best value for money stoves on the market. Because of this, they are very popular.

Glowing Stoves supply and install the full range of Ecosy Stoves. Please call us to find out more. Despite our busy winter period, we will try to advise and help you choose the right stove for your home.