Fireplace renovation and enlargement with a wood-burning stove installation in Taunton, Somerset.

This fireplace renovation in Taunton, Somerset, involved raising the height and width. The existing fireplace lintel only spanned fifty millimeters over existing brickwork. This is way under the one hundred and fifty that we would do. This is important because the weight and stress are spread over a wider area.

Our customers wanted a brick fireplace renovation. However, there was not enough room to use full bricks. Because of this, they chose brick slips. Brick slips are a twenty millimeter slice of normal bricks. The house is a 1930s home with a class 1 chimney. Generally speaking, these chimneys are great for solid fuel appliances such as wood burners. The opening size is great for a fireplace renovation because there are many options available. These chimneys are usually a good size. If the existing opening is small, you can be pretty sure that it can be enlarged back to the original size.

Fireplace renovation and alterations in Somerset.

Glowing Stoves not only install wood burners and multi fuel stoves. We can also completely change the appearance of your fireplace. Call us for a completely new look. Whether you need a new hearth, fireplace mantel, tiled chamber, or a minimalist look, look no further.

Wood burning stove installations in Taunton.

As well as this fireplace renovation, we install a Mendip Woodland log burner. This stove is amazing and is very popular. Indeed it is our number one stove at this price point. Furthermore, as well as looking great, the Woodland is really efficient and Ecodesign compliant. I spoke to Eurostoves in Rooksbridge, Somerset. They confirmed that the Mendip Woodland is their best selling stove.

No surprise there. This stove looks great and is A+ efficiency rated. Being Ecodesign means its great for the environment. The Mendip Woodland uses a five inch liner. If your chimney stack is narrow, this is the stove for you.