Hampton 5 wood burner installation in Ilminster, Somerset.

This wood burner installation in Ilminster has a tall chimney stack. We need a cherry picker and call Paul at Sky Platforms. They are a local company based in Honiton, Devon. Sky platforms often work with stove installers in Somerset. Furthermore, they know exactly what we require to flue line a chimney. Despite the relatively high price, Cherry pickers are cheaper than scaffold. Also, when the job is done, the cherry picker is gone.

Stove installation in Ilminster, Somerset.

Dropping the flue liner with the help of Sky Platforms.

Wood burner installers in Ilminster, Somerset.

This stove installation in Ilminster went according to plan. We install a Hampton 5 wood burning stove. Glowing Stoves have many customers in Ilminster.  For some reason, log burners and multi fuel stoves are really popular here. Anyway, on this project, our customer chooses a graphite grey stove. Despite our reservations, the colour looks amazing in her fireplace. The Hampton 5 wood burning stove is very efficient and is Ecodesign compliant. Furthermore, being 5KW no air vent is required.

This wood burner installation in Ilminster is a tricky one. Despite the good roof, the chimney stack is too high to access. With the cherry picker, however, we install the flue liner and fit the bird cowl. We also cap off the remaining pots. This aspect is too often overlooked. We use good quality vented caps. These caps prevent rain and debris from entering the chimney but still allow for ventilation.

Our customer is fantastic. She is really happy with the end result. We test the stove and it has a great flue draught reading. The Ecosy Hampton 5 is a very popular stove. It is also good for an overnight burn. Many new wood burners are not capable of overnight burning.

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