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Installation of Saltfire ST1 5KW wood burner in Wells, Somerset by our Hetas wood stove installer.

We thought this stove installation would be quick and easy. However, there are some surprises waiting for us. When we go up onto the roof, we discover that there is no chimney pot. A chimney pot is always necessary. Any Hetas installer will confirm this. A chimney pot is needed so as to attach the chimney cowl. However, the main issue is the blocked chimney. Glowing stoves rise to the challenge. We manage to unblock it and furthermore, give it a good sweep.

Chimney flue lining in Wells, Somerset.

This chimney needed a good sweep!

The Saltfire ST1 stove fitted by our Hetas wood stove installer is a 5 KW model. When a stove is 5 KW or less, an air vent is not needed. The recommended retail price for this stove is currently £599 inclusive of VAT. Saltfire ST1 stoves have Defra approval, with a 125 mm spigot. We can supply this stove if needed. Please call us for up to date prices.

One important point to mention here is that it has a fixed baffle. This stove cannot be swept through the body. This means that provision needs to be made for a sweeping hatch. There is no mention of this in the installation instructions. Our Hetas wood stove installer discovers this after fitting the standard Vitreous pipe. This pipe is supplied with the stove and is utterly useless because it has no sweeping door. We remove the vitreous pipe and replace it with the correct component.

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At Glowing Stoves we enjoy our work and we believe it shows in the end result. Glowing Stoves have £2 million public liability insurance.

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