Twin wall chimney installers based in Taunton, Somerset.

Glowing Stoves are twin wall chimney installers and log burning stove fitters. We have Hetas H006 certification. This means that we can install and sign off twin wall chimneys. Twin wall chimney flue is also known as insulated chimney liner. This is a cost effective way of installing a chimney for your log burner. Besides which, it can be positioned in many places. However, its not cheap. Plan carefully prior to installation. Despite all of the above, it is still much cheaper than building a new chimney stack.

External twin wall chimney installers

Twin wall chimney Installers in Taunton, Somerset.

Why use insulated chimney flue?

Our twin wall chimney installers can cite many reasons for using this system.

  • Ability to place the chimney internally and externally.
  • The insulation layer keeps the flue gasses hotter aiding efficiency. Warm flue pipes draw the smoke upwards. When the flue gases reach temperatures of between 150 and 500 degrees centigrade, up-draft is created.
  • A twin wall flue can sit much closer to combustibles, however, it needs to be planned carefully. Building regulations (document J) require a minimum distance of three times the diameter of the flue to combustibles. When twin wall flue pipe is used however, this can be reduced to 50 mm in some cases.
  • It has a long lifespan. Some of the components that Glowing Stoves use have a twenty five year warranty.
  • Insulated chimney flue is great for conservatory roofs.
  • Choice of colours. We use both black and stainless steel.
  • Its much cheaper than building a masonry chimney.
  • Insulated flue is quick to install. Our insulated chimney installers can sometimes carry out the log burning stove and chimney installation in one or two days.
  • We love the look of a well fitted twin wall chimney system.

Twin wall insulated chimney system fitted near Taunton, Somerset.

In the photo, we fit an insulated flue system to a single storey extension. Furthermore the black flue pipe can go up to three metres unsupported. However, we use strengthening brackets between each one metre length. The components are sourced from Mi-flues. They have a branch in Taunton, Somerset.

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