Wood Burner Installation in Taunton.

This wood burner installation in Taunton is the Arada Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 11 Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove. They are great stoves and very popular with our customers. We like the superb efficiency as well as the air wash system which helps keep the glass clean. The large viewing window and lifetime guarantee also make it a winner. Also, they are British built in Axminster, Devon.  By buying this Arada Ecoburn Plus 11, not only do you get a great stove, you also support local jobs in the south west. We install lots of these. The design is timeless. Get yours today and we will book you in for a wood burning stove installation in Taunton. We are Hetas approved stove fitters. Lots of cold days left before the summer.

Glowing Stoves offer a quality wood burner installation in Taunton, Somerset.

Arada Ecoburn Plus 11.

What we like;

  • Lifetime warranty. This multi fuel stove has a lifetime guarantee on the stove body.
  • It has a rear as well as a top flue outlet. This makes for a more flexible log burner installation.
  • It burns both solid fuel and wood. However, we always prefer to burn wood because it is carbon neutral.
  • Large fire viewing window. Our wood burner installations in Taunton have shown the Ecoburn Plus to be very popular.
  • Height adjustable legs. This is a very handy feature, from time to time, we find the hearth is not completely level.
  • Log length of 500 mm. In addition to the large screen size, this stove takes large log giving more flexibility.
  • Locally made in Devon. Purchasing this stove helps the economy of the south west of England and creates jobs.
  • An efficient primary and secondary burn. Partly for this reason, this Arada multi fuel stove achieves an A rated efficiency.

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