Log Burner Installation


Log Burner Installation in Somerset

This Firebob log burner installation is the ultimate in suspended stoves and is a real head turner.
With its glass sealed door and air-wash control the Firebob operates very much like a standard wood-burning stove.
This makes it different to many other suspended fires that operate like a normal fire. Wood is burned safely and efficiently giving great heat output to the room without the draughty air-flow required by an open-fire.

The high temperature combustion in the firebox however means wood is burned more efficiently and the smoke emissions reduced.
If we could carry out a log burner installation like this every day, we would be very happy indeed! We love the look of these stoves. They work really well in conservatories and can be placed centrally.
I am sure furthermore, that the customers dog will find a warm place to relax. No guessing where!

Log burner installation costs

Suspended log burners are not cheap. Installation costs are higher, as well as the wood burning stove itself. However, I think it’s a great investment given the uniqueness. This wood burning appliance has a huge amount of wow factor. It can be rotated 360 degrees, thus making sure you are always warm and cosy.
Your friends will be very envious indeed and will pop round for coffee more often.

The Firebob wood burner comes in 14 different colours. Its also available in 8kw and 10kw versions. Let us quote for your log burner installation. 

Our customers are very happy. This makes us happy also. The famous saying ” We came, we saw, we conquered” has been changed. It’s now ” We came, we installed, we cleaned up and left”!

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We know you won’t be disappointed with one of these log-burners. Make a big statement in your home and get us to install one today. We are taking bookings for 2019 and look forward to hearing from you.