Free stove fans with any wood-burning or multi-fuel stove installation until September 1st.

Glowing stoves think stove fans are the number one stove accessory for your log burner. The question is, do they work and how do they work? Our customers in Somerset and Devon agree that they do. We are offering a FREE wood burning stove fan with any new log burner or multi-fuel stove installation. This offer is valid until September 1st, 2020.

When a wood burner or multi-fuel stove is installed by Glowing Stoves, we first measure the room. We do so to find the correct KW output needed. This is a simple calculation. Width x Length x Height and divide by twelve. However, if your room has a high ceiling, a lot of radiant heat will rise and gather at the top. Utilizing a stove fan for your stove will help push the heat around the room. This means even more efficiency from your gorgeous, new Woodburner.

stove fans from glowing stoves, Somerset.

A FREE stove fan with all summer stove installations until September 2020!

How do Stove Fans work?

A stove fan sits on top of your log burner or multi-fuel stove. However, we always recommend placing the fan as far back as possible.

Your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove creates a lot of heat. It is this heat that powers your stove fan. No requirement for batteries or mains electricity. On closer inspection, you will find a Peltier device fitted under the stove fans’ blades.

Stove fans are powered completely by the heat generated from your wood burner or multi-fuel stove. This heat is transferred between the surface of the stove body and the base of the fan. This in turn powers the motor and blades.

Moreover, the heating of your stove fan creates thermoelectric energy, which begins to turn the blades and circulate the warm air around the room. Despite the fast motion of the blades, most wood-burning stove fans are very quiet.

To function properly, stove fans must draw cooler air from behind them to properly function. Because of this, the positioning of your fan on your stove body is therefore incredibly important for it to work properly. If placed too far forward, it might not be able to run!

Stove fan showing peltier device.

You can see the Peltier device sandwiched between the stove fan body.

Why should you buy a fan for your wood-burning stove?

  • It will help reduce cold and hot spots. Much more even temperature in your room.
  • Improved efficiency. Your stove fan will reduce the heat requirement. As a result, fuel will be saved.
  • Your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove will heat up the room much quicker. The stove fan results in quicker dispersion of heat.
  • Some stove fans start to spin at 45 degrees. However, this depends on the model. They vary from model to model.
  • Black colour to match your log burner.

Contact Glowing Stoves and ask for your FREE offer when we carry out your wood-burning stove installation.

If we install your log burner, wood burner, or multi-fuel stove, please ask us for your FREE fan. This offer is valid throughout the summer of 2020. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a stove from us, just the stove installation.

Please contact us via our contact form for more details. We are still working despite the coronavirus. However, we are working to government recommendations. More info can be found here.