Fireplace enlargement and alterations with multi fuel stove installation near Yeovil, Somerset.

This fireplace enlargement is in a 1960s bungalow in Norton-sub-Hamdon, Somerset. We raise the fireplace height and install a new lintel. A Woodford 5 multi-fuel stove is the choice, along with a slate hearth.

Firstly, we remove the old and dated fireplace. We then knock out as much brickwork as possible to find some depth. A channel is then cut into the blockwork roughly 900 mm from the hearth level. We install a 1200 mm concrete lintel to bear the weight. Always use a load-bearing lintel for this! The sides of the fireplace need building back up in brick which we do. The internal opening will be sand and cement render to cope with the heat. Render is a great choice for the fireplace as it is heat resistant and won’t crack. Afterward, this can receive a few coats of paint or left bare render dependent on choice. The front face of this fireplace enlargement is then skimmed with one coat of bonding and two coats of multi finish plaster.

How big can my fireplace enlargement be?

This depends largely on the width of the existing opening.  However, changing the width is not always possible without weakening the chimney structure. Please remember that chimneys have a lot of weight in them. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer first.

Installation of a Woodford 5 multi-fuel stove in Norton-sub-Hamdon, Yeovil.

Our customers choose a Woodford 5 stove for this fireplace enlargement. This stove has great reviews and very good build quality.

Some key features are:

  • Lifetime warranty on the body of the stove.
  • Air wash system to help keep the glass clean.
  • 4.9 KW. Hence, an air-vent is not required.
  • 300 mm log length.
  • Energy rating A. Furthermore it is 79.8% efficient.
  • DEFRA approved. Accordingly, this stove is fine in smoke control areas.
  • Ecodesign compliant. This multi-fuel stove is future proof and very clean burning.
  • Five-inch flue. As a result, this stove is popular with Hetas installers.
  • Multi fuel grate enabling you to burn both coal and wood.
  • Thick steel construction. Because of this, your stove will heat up quickly.
  • Distance to combustibles: Sides 550 mm, Rear 700 mm.
  • Height 585 mm.
  • Width 457 mm. Good for your fireplace enlargement.
  • Depth 385 mm.
  • Furthermore, this stove can be top or rear flued.
  • Manufactured in Devon. Consequently, when you buy this stove you help our local economy.
  • RRP £1197.60. However, Glowing Stoves can supply much cheaper. Please call us for details.
Fireplace enlargement and alterations in Somerset.


Stove installation and fireplace enlargement in Yeovil.


In conclusion, this is a great stove. Whether or not you choose the wood-burning or multi-fuel variants we recommend Woodford Stoves. These stoves tick all the boxes for both the installer and end-user. By and large, it is difficult to find fault with Woodford Stoves, hence why they are a top seller.

Please call Glowing Stoves for your fireplace enlargement, stove installation, and chimney flue lining. We are still offering FREE surveys in Somerset and Devon. The wood-burning season has now started and we are receiving many inquiries. However, we still have many stove installation dates left before Christmas.