Barbas inset stove installation in Taunton, Somerset.

This Barbas Unilux 40 inset stove looked great in this snug room. Our customer tiles the fireplace breast. However, we grout the brick tiles. We use Bal micro max 2 grout in Graphite colour. This is a premium grout and is flexible. The flexibility is important because the wall around a log burner can get very hot. As we all know when something gets hot it expands. The flexibility helps prevent cracking. Also, this grout can be scrubbed, steamed, and vigorously washed. This makes it perfect for tiling around fireplaces.

Why use an inset stove?

If space is an issue or you seek a minimalist look, an inset stove may be the option for you. Inset wood-burning stoves are built into the wall. They will often fit into rooms where space is a concern. As well as being a great space saver, inset stoves look visually amazing. Furthermore, in a smaller room, a hearth can be a bit imposing. Especially when you factor in the 300mm needed in front of the wood burner.

An inset stove will take almost no space from your room. However, all stoves need to conform to document J of building regulations. So even if your stove is flush with the wall, it will still need a hearth installed. Inset stoves are now extremely efficient if installed correctly. Generally speaking, unless you have a cassette stove variant, they will need backfilling with vermiculite. This makes the stove more efficient. Backfilling also helps prevent heat from being lost into the walls. After all, why waste money heating your chimney? Inset stoves are now extremely efficient. This Barbas inset stove has an A energy rating. The latest stoves available today are around 80% plus efficient. Couple this with the space-saving qualities and modern minimalist look and you are on to a winner.

About Barbas Bellfires.

Barbas Bellfires are based in Bladel near Eindhoven, Netherlands. They produce different variants of inset stove as well as more traditional log burners. Barbas produce quality hand made stoves and fireplaces. Furthermore, you can be assured of quality as much of the work is done by hand, . Despite their relatively high price tag, Barbas stoves are great value for money when you factor in quality.