Inglenook fireplace with a Mendip Woodland log burner in Ashbrittle, Wellington, Somerset.

We install a 5 KW Mendip Woodland in this inglenook fireplace. After the removal of an old stove, our customers are keen to have a new stove fitted. The old stove is an inefficient thirty year old wood-burning stove. It is large, ugly, and eats logs. Furthermore, it is fitted incorrectly. The old woodburner poses a health risk. It has cracked glass and no flue liner. Furthermore, there is no carbon monoxide alarm!

Initially, our customer chooses a budget stove. However, when we tell him that we have a Mendip Woodland in the van as well, he does his research and changes his mind. Despite the higher price, the Mendip Woodland stove is one of the best multi fuel stoves on the market. Because of the size of this fireplace, we are asked to raise the height of the log burner using some blocks. Our customer will tile this with slate at a later date.

Choosing a stove for your inglenook fireplace.

Many of our customers like to see a traditional stove fitted in an inglenook. However, we think modern looking multi fuel stoves look great as well.

Why choose a Mendip Woodland?

In 2016 the Mendip Woodland wins the best 5KW stove award. The Mendip Woodland is very efficient. Furthermore, it is a clean burning stove and ecodesign compliant. This log burner also has the option of convection side panels. These panels help push the warm air into the room. This is a good option for a large inglenook fireplace. These panels can easily be fitted at a later date if required.

This stove has very low distancing to combustibles. So if your inglenook fireplace has any combustible material to the sides or rear, the Woodland is a great choice. This stove has a thick steel body and a cast iron door.

It is currently one of our favorite stoves and gets consistently positive reviews. However, we have found that it prefers medium to tall chimneys.