Inset Stoves sales and installations in Tiverton, Devon.

Inset stoves are a fantastic space saver. These log burners and multifuel stoves create a great contemporary look. The ACR Tenbury is designed to fit a standard fireplace opening. The T400 is one of ACRs most popular stoves and rightly so.

We install this multifuel stove at a house in Tiverton. The chimney is a class one and has a ten metre height. This creates a good flue draft. Moreover, after the stove installation, we test the flue draft and find a reading of 19 pascals. This is perfect!

Our customers get the old gas fire removed and capped off. However, they wish to keep the existing fireplace. The opening is a standard size 16-inch opening. The ACR Tenbury 400 is the perfect solution for this. Despite the smallish size, this stove slots straight in. When we install the black frame, we find it’s a perfect fit. Furthermore, this stove looks like it has always been there. We don’t need to trim any of this fireplace. The hearth size is also perfect and adheres to regulations. Inset stoves are the perfect choice for this scenario.

ACR Tenbury 400 multi-fuel inset stove specifications.

  • 5KW output. This means that if your home is older than 2008, an air vent is not required.
  • 125 mm flue outlet. You can install a five-inch flue liner with this stove. Very handy if you have a narrow chimney size.
  • SIA 2022 Eco Design Ready. This means the T400 complies with forthcoming regulations.
  • Inset stoves are perfect for small spaces.
  • Airwash glass system.
  • Outer convection box. The ACR Tenbury uses an outer convection box. Furthermore, they are normally found on much more expensive stoves.
  • DEFRA approved. As a result, this stove is suitable for smoke control areas.
  • 10-year warranty. All ACR inset stoves come with a long warranty for peace of mind.
  • A+ energy efficiency class. Moreover, this multifuel stove is 82.9 efficient.
  • Height 588 mm.
  • Width 472 mm.
  • Depth 334 mm.
  • Three or four-sided frame choice. You can now install the Tenbury 400 higher up the wall.
  • UK Company. Because of this, by buying an ACR you are helping the UK economy.

Despite its modest size, this multi fuel stove kicks out some heat. With a modest RRP of £945, we think it’s a winner. The ACR Tenbury 400 is certainly one of the most efficient inset stoves on the market. However, if you require a larger inset multi fuel stove, check out its bigger brother the Tenbury 550.