Multi fuel stove installation and chimney flue lining near Bridgwater, Somerset.

This Multi fuel stove installation features a F2 Vue Portrait stove. This stove fits perfectly in this brick fireplace and looks great. Despite the narrow fireplace opening, there is plenty of height. The fireplace height is important as it will allow more heat to enter the room. This also allows the use of heat-powered stove fans to sit on top of the log burner. However, these 5KW cast iron multi-fuel stoves kick out some heat. Because it has a 100% cast iron body it will retain its heat for far longer than a steel stove. However, there are pros and cons to everything. Cast iron takes a bit longer to heat up than steel. Despite this, a cast-iron stove retains its heat for a far longer period. On the other hand, steel stoves heat up much faster but cool down quickly once the fuel is burnt.

The F2 Vue multi-fuel stove is available in either portrait or landscape models. However please be aware that this Portrait model cannot be rear flued. Apart from this, the two Vue models are almost identical except for their dimensions. This multi fuel stove installation is top flued from its 125 mm collar.

F2 Vue Portrait specifications.

  • A+ energy rating.
  • 125 mm flue size (5-inch).
  • Wood or multi-fuel.
  • 300 mm log length.
  • 5 KW heat output.
  • Suitable for a 12 mm hearth.
  • Distance to combustibles – sides 750 mm.
  • Distance to combustibles – rear 750 mm.
  • 79.3% efficient.
  • Completely cast iron body.
  • 5-year warranty on the body of the stove.
  • Height 610 mm
  • Width 430 mm
  • Depth 434 mm

Should I top or rear flue my multi-fuel stove or Woodburner?

Glowing Stoves will always strive to top flue all wood burner stoves. This is because moke prefers to go straight up and creates a far better flue draft. Good chimney flue draft means less chance of smoke blowing back into the room. Occasionally we may connect from the rear of the stove. However, we do this only if no other option is available. A multi fuel stove installation is only going to perform well with a good flue draft. To test the flue draft we use a KANE 3500-1 High Accuracy Differential Pressure Meter. We take a reading and this is measured in Pascals. 

Not enough chimney flue draft and your stove will burn badly. Too much draft and it will use a lot more fuel.