Log burner installation and sales in Somerset.

For your Hetas log burner installation please call Glowing Stoves in Taunton. We can supply and install many brands and models. Whether you require a wood burner or multi-fuel stove, we have very competitive prices.

In this project, we install a F2 Vue Landscape multi-fuel stove. We lay a slate hearth and tile the rear of the fireplace with brick slips. Brick slips are a 20 mm slice of real brick. After sealing the rear of the fireplace chamber, we fix the brick slips with flexible adhesive. We leave a 10mm gap and then point them in. Despite the cost of the bricks, mortar, and labor, we think they are a worthy investment.

After sweeping the chimney, we make a new register plate. Now onto the chimney flue liner. When we get up to the roof, we discover the chimney pot is damaged. A 300mm buff chimney pot is the replacement. However, because of the existing chimney height, fitting the new pot is a real struggle. This log burner installation is trickier than we think.

I have to strap myself to the chimney and reach up from the roof ridge. I finally manage to bed in the new chimney pot and flaunching. We are now able to drop the new flue liner through the chimney stack. The new chimney liner terminates through a terracotta-colored cowl with a bird guard and rain cap. Finally, we are finished on the roof and unpack the new F2 multi-fuel stove ready for installation. This log burner installation takes much longer than we anticipate. We install the multi-fuel stove and clean up the room. It is now late so I pop back and commission the stove another day.

F2 Vue Landscape multi-fuel stove specifications.

  • 300 mm log length.
  • DEFRA approved for smoke control areas.
  • Ecodesign compliant.
  • 5 KW Output. No air vent is required.
  • 125 mm flue size making your log burner installation easier.
  • 100% cast iron body.
  • Height 574.
  • Width 515.
  • Depth 394.
  • A+ efficiency rating.

Glowing Stoves in Taunton supply and install all F2 stoves. Furthermore, we have some of the best prices in the UK. Please call us for more information.