Freestanding stove installation in Monkton Heathfield, Taunton.

The freestanding stove in this installation is a Westfire Uniq 21 log burner. We install the stove on a beautiful smoked glass corner hearth.

Despite having no chimney, we overcome this by using Twin Wall Chimney. This log burner is made in Denmark by Westfire. We really love their stoves. They are not budget stoves. However, they create a fantastic focal point as well as heating your room. Furthermore, because this is a freestanding stove, more heat stays in the room.

This wood burning stove installation was too close to an electric socket and window cill. Because of this we remove the window cill and replace it with slate. We also move the socket to comply with the minimum distance to combustibles. The rear wall is plasterboard on breeze block. We cut out the plasterboard and replace it with A1 fireboard. After that, we skim the wall with plaster. Now the freestanding stove can be installed correctly as per regulations.

Twin wall chimney system.

We use a black twin wall pro system from Mi-Flues. This twin wall is of good quality and has a twenty five year warranty.

With this freestanding stove installation we flue from the top. We take the flue through the wall at 45 degrees. Once through the wall, we connect to a base plate and continue up the wall. We finish with an anti-downdraft cowl.

Westfire Uniq 21 specifications.

Despite its RRP of £1620, we think the Westfire is a bargain. The rounded front looks beautiful and looks really eye-catching. Furthermore, this stove is both Defra approved and ecodesign compliant. Also, this log burner has a five-inch flue size. This is unusual for a cylindrical freestanding stove. This stove is definitely one of our favorites.

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