Wood stove installation of a Loughrigg 5KW near Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

The wood stove pictured is the Mi-Fires Loughrigg 5KW. This wood burner is so popular this year. It is a newly designed log burner and compliant with forthcoming clean air regulations. Our customers live in a remote area with an oil fired boiler. At the moment the oil price is low. However, this won’t always be the case. Having a wood burning stove helps cushion you against future oil price rises.

This stove installation is in a bungalow. Our customers complained that the lounge is always cold. After our initial survey, we choose a 4.9 KW stove size. They choose the Loughrigg wood burner as it fits their fireplace perfectly. Furthermore, they like the lifetime warranty and the large glass screen. We install a flexible flue liner with a lifetime warranty. A Brazillian slate hearth is also laid prior to installing the wood burner. We make a new register plate and fit this into the fireplace throat. Because of the fireplace depth, we are able to flue the wood stove directly from the top. Despite having a rear flue outlet as well as a top spiggot, we always prefer to flue from the top of the log burner. This is because smoke likes to travel upwards naturally. Also, this helps prevent blowback into the room when the chimney is cold.

Why do Glowing Stoves like this Loughrigg 4.9 KW wood stove?

  • A+ efficiency rating. Despite the large glass area, this wood burner is 82.7% efficient.
  • Ecodesign ready. Because of this, the Loughrigg is future proof and meets all 2022 new regulations.
  • Low pollution levels. Only 18mg of particulate emissions. Furthermore, these are some of the lowest in the industry.
  • DEFRA approved. This wood stove is suitable for smoke control areas.
  • Top and rear flue outlets and adjustable leveling feet. This makes for easier installation.
  • Despite the modest price, this log burner has a lifetime warranty on the stove body.
  • 125mm flue diameter. Particularly handy if you have a tight chimney.

We have installed many of these wood only stoves and have had very positive feedback from our customers.

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