Wood burner installers based in Taunton, Somerset.

Our wood burner installers like this stove. We install this Contura 510 log burner at East Lyng, near Taunton, Somerset. This log burning stove is a real beauty! This stove is bought second hand however, but has had very little use. Our customers want the flue to exit from the rear. However, this is a tricky stove installation because we have to exit through the wall. Moreover, we cannot exit horizontally as this would mean going beyond regulatory 450mm on a horizontal path. After some careful planning, we opt for a 33-degree path with twin wall chimney components. It’s a nice sunny day and our wood burner installers are happy!

This Contura wood burning stove can accommodate a 3.5 chimney minimum. Thankfully we manage to achieve around 4.2. Hetas recommend a 4.5 minimum, however this is overridden by manufacturers recommendations. As a rule of thumb, chimneys need a certain length. This is to provide draw. Despite this issue, we make the opening in the wall. Our Hetas engineers then install the twin wall external chimney.

Free standing stove fitted by our wood burner installers in Somerset.

Please give Glowing Stoves a call and let our Hetas approved stove fitters quote for your installation.

Glowing Stoves can install all types of log burners and multi fuel stoves. Our wood burner installers love this Contura 510. Its a 5KW model and looks really sleek. Furthermore, it is a well-designed stove from Sweden. We think it goes well with the granite hearth. Our customers think so too and are happy. The stove is now ecodesign ready and takes 150mm flue pipe. It is a wood burning stove only. Besides the rear flue outlet, the flue can also exit from the top of the stove. These stoves are available in both black and white. However, we prefer the black as did our customers.