Log burner installer in Stolford, Stogursey, Bridgwater, Somerset.

Need a log burner installer in Stolford, Stogursey? Please give Glowing Stoves a call. On this log burning stove installation we do some homework. We have to supply and install a wood burner that suits an inglenook fireplace. However, it must be proportionate to the space it will fit in. Too small or low and it will look odd. Nonetheless, after many hours looking at images and dimensions, we opt for this Hunter wood burner. It’s a 7.3 KW Hunter Inglenook low output model. Despite its huge size, it’s still 7.3 KW and suits the room calculation perfectly. Furthermore, it’s a whopping 143 Kilos! We fit an air vent as it’s over 5 KW. However, as the walls are two feet thick, it’s no easy task. Our customers want a log burner installer that will not be beaten.

Glowing stoves rise to the task and get the project done on time and on budget! Our log burner installer sets up his ladders and climbs on to the roof. Alas, the existing opening is too narrow for a six inch flue liner. Moreover, it has a grill fixed into place below the capping. Despite this we crack on and remove said capping and grill. We are surprised to see no existing chimney pot. Glowing Stoves rush out to buy a new pot so their wood burning stove fitters can fix the chimney cowl. Six inch flue liner dropped down the chimney and bird cowl fitted. It has stopped raining so we mortar the chimney pot in place. Nothing stops our Hetas stove installers. We try to complete the project as quickly as possible.

What makes a Glowing Stoves log burner installer stand out?

Simple, we go the extra mile! Despite various challenges, Glowing Stoves always persevere. Our Hetas wood stove fitters are passionate about wood burners. We believe this shows in the end product. However, don’t take our word for it. Give our log burner installer a call and find out for yourself. We work seven days per week in the winter.