Menip Loxton 8 Woodburner installation in Bishops Lydeard, Taunton, Somerset.

This woodburner installation is in a stone fireplace at Bishops Lydeard. Our customer has a large room with a high ceiling. Because of this, we choose an 8 KW Mendip Loxton wood burning stove. However, space is at a minimum. Because it is 8KW we install an air vent. As the wall is twenty eight inches thick, this is a long job. Please note that all stove installations over 5KW need an air vent. Also, any new build, built after 2008 requires a vent regardless of stove size.

FOR HOMES BUILT AFTER 2008 – 550 mm2 of air vent size per kW of stove output.

The existing woodburner is very old and inefficient. Our customer suspects a dodgy stove installation. She calls a Hetas approved chimney sweep and he condemns the stove. The old log burner stove has many non-compliancy issues. Furthermore, it eats logs very quickly. Basically, it is scrap metal. We often get offered old stoves for free. However, they are not worth much, and given their inefficiency are expensive to run. In the long run, it is far better value to buy a new, efficient woodburner such as this Mendip Loxton 8. The Mendip Loxton 8 is suitable for medium to large rooms.

The stove installation is in Bishops Lydeard high street. This woodburner installation requires a scaffold. Parking is a nightmare so this project is scaffolded from the rear. We used Chris from CB Scaffolding. They are a local firm based in Taunton. Their prices are good and they are very careful.

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