Multifuel stove and fireplace alterations in Huish Episcopi, Langport, Somerset.

We install a multifuel stove and slate hearth at a 1960s bungalow near Langport. This stove installation involves removing the old fireplace first. We are hopeful that we will be able to widen the opening as well as raising the height. However, after knocking out the existing fireplace we find that widening it is not possible. This dramatically changes our options. We hoped to install a Mi-fires Loughrigg wood burner. However, with only 440 mm width we opt for an Ecosy Snug 5 KW multifuel stove. Our customers are hesitant at first. They wanted the Loughrigg wood burning stove. However, when they read the reviews and unpack the wood burner they change their minds. They are really great customers in every respect. We are so lucky to work for such nice people. They make us a cup of tea and leave us to crack on with the stove installation.

This Ecosy Snug multifuel stove is the 5 KW model. The Snug 5 has lots of very good reviews online. And it has lots of premium features. Furthermore, it is a great value at £540. Despite the modest price, this wood burning stove even has the option of a dedicated air vent. This feature is normally found at £1000 plus stoves.

Langport multi fuel stove installation.


Fireplace alterations and stove installation in Langport, Somerset.



Stove installers must love the Ecosy Snug multifuel stove. It is a slim stove that will fit into small fireplace openings. The Snug 5 has adjustable feet. This is a really handy feature when sitting on a riven slate hearth. Gone are the days of twenty years ago when people wedged a coin under one of the feet to prevent rocking!

Glowing Stoves sell and install Multifuel Stoves and Wood Burners in Somerset and Devon.

Although we will install any wood burning stove, we prefer to focus on select models. We have narrowed down our recommendations based on efficiency, warranty, usability, and design. There are so many stoves out there. Sadly, some look great, however, looks are sometimes deceiving. Many multifuel stoves simply don’t deliver when it comes to heat and longevity. We try to focus on the best bang for buck stoves at different price points.