Bridgwater stove installation.

This Bridgwater stove installation is in an old Victorian terraced home. We knock out the fireplace and raise the height with a new lintel. We remove a large amount of rubble to leave a good-sized fireplace opening. Victorian homes are perfect for log burners and multi fuel stoves. A Victorian fireplace will generally knock out easily to a good size. However, be prepared for a lot of dust and rubble!

How large can my fireplace renovation be?

This is dependent on many factors including:

  • Age of property.
  • Width of chimney breast.
  • Size of room for proportionality.
  • Generally speaking, a log burner looks great if it has 150mm or more of space at the sides and 300-400mm at the top. Moreover, this also helps heat radiate into the room. However, this cannot always be achieved, particularly in modern homes.

Older properties have much larger fireplaces and are built to burn wood or coal. This Bridgwater stove installation is a good example of this.

Many newer properties built after the 1960s will have a fireplace designed for a gas appliance. These homes will often have clay flue liners inside a brick-built chimney stack. However, they tend to be much smaller in size and moreover, cannot always be widened. However, the height can generally be changed with a new load-bearing lintel. This Bridgwater stove installation is perfect. We raise the height and enlarge the width.

Glowing Stoves install a Multi Fuel Stove.

We install an ACR Woodpecker WP5 PLUS multi fuel stove. This Woodpecker stove is great value for money and is currently our best-selling stove. Our customers love the huge glass window. We sell a lot of ACR stoves. Furthermore, most of their stoves have a ten-year warranty. Equally important, they are also very efficient and burn very cleanly.

We fit the ACR WP5PLUS stove in this Bridgwater stove installation and it looks great.

What do we like about the WP5PLUS multi fuel stove?

  • It’s very efficient at 81.3%. As a result, this stove has an A+ rating.
  • DEFRA approved and suitable for smoke control areas.
  • Multi fuel. This makes the stove very versatile.
  • Suitable for a 12mm hearth. Because of great heat shielding.
  • 400mm log length. In effect, this gives more choice.
  • 5KW nominal heat output. An air vent is not necessary.
  • Direct air option for newly built homes.
  • SIA stove. In effect, this means it is efficient and clean burning.
  • Glowing Stoves sell the WP5PLUS for £925.

Because of the cost of living crisis heating is very expensive. Consequently, there has never been a better time to install a wood burning stove. Despite the initial costs, it is still the cheapest way to heat your home. This Bridgwater stove installation will pay for itself within a couple of years.

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