Fireplace renovation with a multifuel stove installation in Taunton, Somerset.

This fireplace renovation involved removing an existing fireplace surround and rebuilding the fireplace chamber.

We remove the old and dated fireplace surround and rebuild the sides of the chamber in brick and block. Also a slate hearth is cut into a T shape to fit the new fireplace opening. We bed this down after rounding off the corners. We think this gives a soft look. Once the slate is down, we form the opening with render beads. We render the rear and sides of the fireplace chamber with sand and cement. This will withstand the heat from the new multifuel stove. Because of the heat, you should never use plaster for the fireplace renovation chamber. We make good the chimney breast with a bonding coat and plaster skim.

5KW Derwent Stove Installation in Taunton.

The stove in this fireplace renovation project is the Derwent multi-fuel. This stove is fully cast iron (both stove body and door). Because it is cast iron, the Derwent will retain heat for far longer than its steel brothers. However, cast iron weighs much more than steel. The Derwent is designed and assembled in the Lake district by Mi-Fires Limited. Because this is important to help our economy.

We like the large glass screen on this model. The Derwent mixes a traditional look with a slightly contemporary style. Because it is 5KW it is not necessary to install an air brick. This stove has a budget price, yet punches above its weight. We think that it looks great in this fireplace renovation project. Furthermore, with its bang for buck price, its tremendous value too.

Please see the following video courtesy of Mi-Flues:

Mi-Fires Derwent stove specifications.

  • Height 502 mm.
  • Width 438 mm.
  • Depth 283 mm.
  • Weight 65KG.
  • Flue size 125 mm (5 inches).
  • Outside air – an optional exterior air vent kit is available for this model.
  • Efficiency is A+. Because of rising energy costs, this is important.
  • Clean burning. this stove only produces 11MG of dust.
  • Designed and assembled in the UK. This helps the British economy and creates jobs.
  • Distance to combustibles is – sides 600 mm and rear 850 mm.
  • Ecodesign compliant and with DEFRA approval.
  • Suitable for a 12 mm decorative hearth.
  • Flue gas temperature is 290 degrees Celcius.

In this fireplace renovation, there is space around the stove. This is important to let more heat into the room. Furthermore, it looks aesthetically pleasing. Because there is plenty of height above the stove, a stove fan may be used. This will help reduce hotspots in your room. Moreover, a stove fan may be used to push heat from your stove towards an adjacent room. This will help reduce your energy costs. There has never been a better time to have a stove. Because of the Ukraine conflict, the energy price is set to rise again.

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