wood burner installationContemporary and traditional wood burner installers in Chard, Somerset.

This traditional wood burner is a Villager B 7KW. Our customers inherited this log burner when they recently bought their home. The log burner‘s not installed correctly however. We notice that no air vent is fitted after we carry out a FREE survey. Its above 5 KW, so an air vent is needed. We install the air vent as per regulations. Despite being block walls, they are very hard and it takes some time. We strip out the old liner. The liner however, is concreted into the chimney pot, much to our dismay. Consequently this adds extra work and time to the project. We carefully remove the concrete without damaging the pot and strip out the old liner. A new six inch 316 grade flue liner is dropped down the chimney. We replace the old components with new. We only ever use quality components. Mi-flues supply our components.

The Villager B is a traditional wood burner and this one is probably twenty-five years old. Arada Stoves makes the villager series and they are based in Axminster, Somerset. Furthermore, they still make and sell all spare parts for this model of log burning stove. However, it’s an old design and nowhere near as efficient as modern wood burning stoves currently available. That said though, it has a timeless design and appearance which will compliment any period property. This traditional wood burner design is very popular even today. After this traditional wood burner installation, we light the fire and do a smoke test. This large room warms up immediately, both with heat and atmosphere. Our customers will be cosy tonight with their glowing stove!

Hetas air vent regulations.

It is a mandatory requirement for an air vent to be fitted if your traditional wood burner exceeds 5 KW. Glowing Stoves adhere to all current regulations and guidelines. Because this Villager stove is 7 KW, we fit an air vent through an outside wall. We sleeve the wall and fit a grill on both sides. This air vent will allow air to feed this log burner. Approved document J is very specific about the size of the vent. Please see the following calculation below;

For closed appliances (example – traditional wood burner stove) that have no draught stabiliser fitted and where the air permeability is larger than 5.0 m3/h.m2, the air needed is 550 mm2 for every KW over 5 KW.

A simple calculation is 8 – 5 x 550 = 1,650 mm2. Please search online for approved document J for more in-depth detail.

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