Fireplace surround and an inset stove installation in Creech Saint Michael, Taunton.

This fireplace surround looks great with the ACR T400 ECO stove. We reduce the fireplace chamber using bricks. Our customers supply a limestone fireplace at a bargain price. We bed the hearth in with sand and cement. Because of the limestone hearth, we have to create a level platform for the stove to sit. It is important to make sure that this is perfectly 100% level when installing an inset stove. Get this right and the stove installation is easy.

Now for the fireplace surround. Because the chimney breast is not vertical level, we have to tweak the fitting. However, once we pack out the new fireplace we get it 100% plumb. Now the T400 inset stove fits perfectly. Moreover, we cannot stress enough, the importance of being accurate when fitting a fireplace surround for an inset stove. This multifuel stove is both ECO and Defra-approved for use in smoke control areas.

We fit a new stainless steel flue liner and the ECO design multifuel stove. Because we pay attention to getting everything level, the stove installation goes like clockwork.

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