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Looking for a woodburner installer in Bridgwater, Taunton, or Wellington? Glowing Stoves are professional HETAS log burner installers based in Taunton, Somerset. We are specialists in fireplace alterations, chimney flue lining, and stove installations. Let us supply and fit your wood-burning stove, or multifuel stove, or just install a chimney flue liner.

We carry out log burner installations in Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil, Chard, Ilminster, Burnham on Sea, Wellington, Glastonbury, Tiverton, and Exeter. Furthermore, we supply many leading stove brands including ACR, Arada, Hunter, F2, Beltane, and MiFires. Also Woodpecker, Heta, Bohemia, Mendip, Newbourne, Di Lusso, Firebelly, Ekol, Flavel, Parkray, Saltfire, Woodford, and many other stove brands.

Log burner and fireplace alterations in North Newton, Bridgwater.

We enlarge this fireplace to install an ACR Wychwood wood-burning stove. We fit slate hearths to size in the stove chamber and log store. Our customer has great taste and knows exactly what she wants. An experienced woodburner installer will shortlist stove recommendations based on design and size etc. Also, distance to combustibles and room size.

This home in North Newton has a spacious, uncluttered, and contemporary feel. The ACR Whychwood is the choice. This wood only stove is a 5KW log burner. However, it can be run between 3 and 6.5 KW. Because it is a nominal 5KW, no air vent is needed.

The existing fireplace is too small for a log burner. Because of this, we raise the height and fit a lintel. Furthermore, we make the chamber wider and finish it with render. We form the fireplace opening with beads and bond and skim the face with plaster. An experienced woodburner installer will know that a stove works well with space around it. Also, it looks great!

ACR Whychwood stove specifications.

  • Height 575mm.
  • Width 555mm.
  • Depth 347mm.
  • Weight 90KG.
  • Efficiency A+.
  • 10-year Warranty.
  • 125mm flue diameter.
  • 35cm log length.

The ACR Whychwood is a very clean burning stove. Moreover, as well as being Eco, it is also DEFRA-approved for smoke control areas. A good woodburner installer will always push for the ECO option when choosing your new stove. Furthermore, burning dry wood is carbon neutral and gives off few emissions. However, if you burn wet wood, emissions are dramatically increased. Please bear this in mind when operating any stove.

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