Fireplace restoration and log burner installed in Street, Somerset.

This fireplace restoration project went very well. The log burner suited the fireplace dimensions once we opened up the fireplace chamber. A larger opening is important for wood burners and multifuel stoves. A woodburner needs space around it to perform efficiently. Also, it looks far more aesthetically pleasing. This fireplace has a class one chimney.

When we start this project, the fireplace opening is very small. Because it is so small, only a very small wood burner is able to fit. However, our customers want this fireplace enlarged with both height and width.

The house is a 1960s semi-detached with a chimney. The chimney breast is a good width. Because of this, we assume this fireplace restoration can be enlarged to a good size.

Wood burning stove installation in Street, near Glastonbury.

Glowing Stoves knock out the small fireplace opening. We fit a new concrete lintel and raise the height to 900 mm. The width we widen to give us 800mm. This is perfect for this stove, leaving a 170mm space at the sides and 350mm from the top of the stove. Now that we have some space, it’s time to finish this fireplace restoration with render. We use sand and cement render in the internal chamber. This is very tough and will withstand the heat from the log burner without cracking. For the chimney breast face, we apply a coat of bonding and finish it with multi-finish plaster.

We install a slate hearth and install the log burner.

A 1200 x 900 slate hearth is perfect for this. We cut this into a T shape and bed it down in one piece. After dropping a Mi-flues liner through the chimney, we install the 5KW wood burner. The stove is a Tinderbox Large which we sell for £799 including VAT.

With any fireplace restoration, one can never be entirely sure of the size that can be achieved until the project is commenced. However, experience allows us to make a good guess.

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