Fireplace Renovations & Chimney Flue Lining in Taunton, Somerset.

Looking for fireplace renovations in Somerset? Does your fireplace need enlarging to fit your new woodburner?

Call Glowing Stoves for a FREE survey. Let us raise the height of your fireplace by fitting a concrete lintel. We can then enlarge the width of your fireplace chamber. Once this is done, we render the inside fireplace chamber. This is highly resistant to heat. Furthermore, sand and cement render can either be painted or tiled. This leaves the chimney breast face. Generally, we prime and apply a bonding coat of plaster to the chimney breast. Once dried, one or two coats of multi finish plaster to finish. Your fireplace is now ready for a log burner or multifuel stove. As well as the stove installation, we can supply most, quality wood burners and multifuel stoves available in the UK. Because we keep our margins small, you can be assured of the best stove prices in Somerset. Our chimney and fireplace renovations are the mainstay of our work though.

5KW Loughrigg Wood Burner installed in Taunton.

Most fireplace renovations require some guesswork. We hoped to widen the fireplace chamber another 100mm on either side of the stove. However, this was not possible due to load-bearing reasons. Despite this, we fit a concrete lintel to give us 300mm above the stove. This is the magic minimum. 300mm of vitreous pipe always looks good and allows your stove to breathe. Furthermore, a 300mm clearance allows for a stove fan to sit on the stove if required.

A slate hearth is laid for the base. We install a 5 KW Loughrigg wood-burning stove from Mi-Fires. A brand new chimney flue liner and bird cowl with a rain cap is the next task. We then connect the stove and fire it up. All is good. The chimney gives a flue draft reading of 19 pascals. Perfect!

For fireplace renovations, chimney flue liners, or stove sales and installations please call Glowing Stoves in Taunton. We will always get the job done on time and on budget. It is now summer. This is the best time to have a woodburner installation. We currently have short lead times. Don’t wait until winter when wood burner season starts. Please call us now.

We offer free surveys and advice. Glowing Stoves install and sell wood burners and multifuel stoves in Somerset and Devon. We are Hetas stove installers and are based in Taunton, Somerset.