Wood burning stoves, fireplace renovations & chimney flue lining in West Coker, Yeovil.

We have the best prices on wood burning stoves in Somerset. We only install stoves that look good and perform well in your fireplace. Because we want our wood burner installations to last, we use Mi-Flues flexible chimney liner. Glowing Stoves focus on a large turnover with a small profit margin. This keeps us in front of our competitors when the cost is an issue. In this stove installation, we are competing against two other quotes. Both of the other quotes are higher and include an inferior log burner. However, this stove installation doesn’t go as planned. We arrive at 8 am and think this installation in Yeovil will be all done by Midday. How wrong we were!

Glowing Stoves install a log burner in West Coker near Yeovil.

Wood burning stoves really make sense given the recent energy price rises. They are the cheapest form of heating that you can use. According to “This is money“, a wood burner is 77 percent cheaper than an electric fire. They also say your log burner is 29 percent cheaper than a gas effect fire and 43 percent and 40 percent cheaper than oil and gas fires respectively. However, savings are made in the long term because initially, installing a stove correctly is not cheap. When you factor in the stove installation cost over 10 years, however, wood burning stoves really make sound economic sense. Also, you get to experience the ambiance and atmosphere that only burning wood can produce. Moreover, installing a log burner will add value to your home. This has to be a consideration when thinking of economics.

Anyway, back to this log burner installation.

We put the ladders up on the roof and fit a register plate. The wood burner is a large Tinderbox 5 KW stove from Mi-fires. Because it requires a five-inch liner, installation is easy. Or so we think! The liner gets stuck almost immediately. Time for a camera survey! We see that the chimney is made of clay flue liners. These are only six-inch diameter, and there is a sharp bend in the chimney. Because of this, we decide to cut into the chimney stack at attic level. We remove about five feet of brickwork and remove the sharp bends and obstacles.

Once done the chimney flue liner glides down the stack like a snake searching for prey. We then install the stove and brick up and render the chimney back to its former glory. However, instead of completing this woodburner installation before midday, we end up working for 13 hours!

Glowing Stoves love installing woodburners and multifuel stoves.

Installing wood burning stoves is a labor of love at times. After more than thirty years in construction, there is always something that you don’t expect ready to confront you. Every chimney and every fireplace is unique. Because of this, however, we at Glowing Stoves love our job. Variety is the spice of life, or so the saying goes. The end result is a happy customer and a very cosy home.