Woodburners, Multifuel stove & Fireplace specialists in Taunton, Somerset.

We are passionate about woodburners, stoves, and fireplaces. Glowing Stoves in Taunton supply and install Log burners and multifuel stoves in Somerset and Devon. We are Hetas approved and can install most wood burning stoves with a Hetas certificate. Let us knockout your fireplace back to the original opening size. We will then finish it with render, tiles, or brick slips.

Why not make your fireplace stand out and become the main room feature?

Glowing Stoves supply slate, glass, and granite hearths. Once your wood burning stove is installed you may wish for a gorgeous fireplace surround or floating oak mantel. We supply most brands of multifuel stoves and woodburners.

We use quality chimney flue liners and components on all stove installations. It never pays to use cheap low quality components. They will never last and you will be replacing them after a short period of time.

5 KW Tinderbox log burner installation in Taunton.

This stove installation is in a Victorian terrace house in Taunton. Our customers have just moved in and are feeling cold! Victorian homes are generally poorly insulated. A wood burning stove is a perfect solution for this house.

However, the fireplace opening is small. Because it is Victorian, we know that there is a much larger fireplace behind the existing opening. Most homes of this era will have a good size original fireplace waiting to be rediscovered.

So we enlarge the fireplace back to its original size. We install a four foot lintel to raise the fireplace to one metre. The width is now around 900 mm. This is a great size for woodburners as it allows greater stove efficiency. Furthermore, it is aesthetically more pleasing. We render the fireplace chamber with sand and cement. The chimney breast is then bonded and skimmed with plaster.

Next, we install the Register plate and chimney flue liner. The flue liner connects to a terracotta bird cowl. This cowl is then banded around the chimney pot. No birds or rain will enter this chimney!

We are now ready for the hearth. We install a 1200 x 900 Brasilian slate hearth in one piece. Now for a coat of slate oil.

We install the stove and test it. Furthermore, a flue draft reading gives 19 pascals. This is great. After a smoke and spillage test, this stove is ready. We sign it off with Hetas.

The end result is good and we receive a great review.

5 KW Mi-Fires Tinderbox Stove.

The stove that we install is efficient, ecodesign, and Defra rated. Although it is wood only, this stove has an 85% efficiency rating. This is superb and A+. Basically, this means it can burn a small amount of fuel for longer. Also, the Tinderbox stove is one of the cleanest burning stoves on the UK market. This is an important aspect as we become more aware of our environment. Burning wood is almost completely carbon neutral. Now that modern woodburners are clean burning, they are a great alternative to gas and oil. Furthermore, a stove when lit looks amazing.