Multi-fuel stove installation with a Pevex F2 stove in Milverton

This multi-fuel stove installation project is in Milverton, Somerset. We install an F2 Vue Landscape 5 KW stove in a 1950s home. These wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves have a nominal output of 4.9 KW. However, you can increase this to a heat output of 8 KW. As the F2 Vue Landscape is a nominal 5KW multi-fuel stove, it does not require an air vent. Because it is an Ecodesign stove, it will meet future regulations that start in 2022. Furthermore, this is a DEFRA stove and suitable for smoke control areas. Another plus is the ability to take a 375mm log length. This means fewer trips to the log store.

This stove is no lightweight though. Being fully cast iron it is almost a hundred kilograms in weight. The build quality and castings are superb in our opinion. Because it is cast iron it will retain heat for much longer than its steel cousins. However, cast iron stoves do take longer to warm up initially. This multi-fuel stove installation also required a fireplace hearth. We cut and fit a Brazilian grey slate hearth. After we install it we seal it with slate oil. In our opinion, slate is the best material for hearths. Despite the price and weight, slate can be easily repaired if damaged. Scratches and marks can be easily remedied. Furthermore, slate is a timeless substrate and won’t go out of fashion. Glowing Stoves recommend slate heaths for any multi-fuel stove installation.

Multi-fuel stove installation or wood-burning stove?

Household coal will shortly be obsolete in the UK. So why choose a multi-fuel stove? Coal is not the only fuel for your stove. Furthermore, we advise not using house coal. House coal shortens the life of your liner and the smoke will blacken your beautiful stoves glass. Glowing Stoves prefer our customers to use seasoned hardwood whether it’s in a wood burner or multi-fuel stove.

Which fuels can I use in my new multifuel stove?

  • Heat Logs. These are easy to light and have a great heat output with a long flame. Heat logs are made with 100% recycled wood.
  • Taybright. Taybright is a multi-purpose smokeless fuel that’s easy to light. It can also slumber for long periods and is very controllable. Great for your multi-fuel stove installation
  • Ecoal50. This is a new form of smokeless coal that is produced with 50% renewable materials. It’s much better for the environment. Also, it kicks out a very high and sustained heat output.
  • Homefire Ovals. This smokeless coal is very slow burning and can last for up to nine hours. Ovals are dense and you can pack them together. They are suitable for an overnight burn.
  • Seasoned hardwood logs. In our opinion the best overall when factoring cost. Carbon neutral and if dried out with 20% or less moisture they are very clean burning. Ash and Oak are our favorites.
  • Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs. The highest quality logs. They have a very low moisture content and will burn at a high temperature and with a natural flame and aroma. However, you may pay a premium.
  • Anthracite Stovenuts. Anthracite is a natural smokeless fuel with a long burn time. However, it is not easy to light and we don’t recommend this for open fires.

No matter if you choose a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove installation, Glowing Stoves will make sure it is installed correctly and to Hetas regulations.