Wood burner installations – fireplace alterations by Glowing Stoves in Somerset.

Hetas approved wood burner installations covering Somerset and Devon. Glowing Stoves are chimney and fireplace specialists based in Taunton, Somerset. We supply and install wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

This fireplace stove installation is for an ACR Astwood 2 multi-fuel stove. The Astwood 2 is a great looking stove that performs very well. Furthermore, being ecodesign compliant, it is both controllable and very efficient. Despite its large physical size, the ACR Astwood stove is a nominal 5KW. Because of this, no air vent is required unless your home is built after 2008. All wood burner installations over 5KW require an air vent.

Multi fuel stove and wood burner installations with slate hearths in Taunton.

Glowing Stoves install two stoves in this large property in Henlade, Taunton. The rooms are large and have tall ceilings. When we calculate the KW size, we arrive at a figure of 11 KW. However, because the area around the stove will be surrounded by sofas, a 5KW stove is chosen. A common mistake when choosing a stove is to opt for a very large one and then find it is too warm to sit near it. A compromise has to be reached sometimes.


Glowing Stoves always include a quality flexible chimney flue liner with all woodburner installations in Somerset.

We will always install a premium quality flexible flue liner, chimney cowl, and flue pipe. We custom make a registration plate to seal off the chimney from dust and soot. Our register plates are made from thick galvanised sheet steel. This plate sits on 25 mm steel angle iron. We prefer to make the register plate in three pieces. The centre plate accommodates the pipe. The other two pieces are used for a chimney inspection. Because we are HETAS certified and approved installers we thoroughly test the installation. Once the stove installation is completed we provide a HETAS certificate. This is essential when selling a property or for buildings insurance cover. We always use quality components on our wood burner installations.

Our customers want a multi-fuel stove and choose the ACR Astwood 2. ACR is a leading UK stove company. Their stoves feature great design and build quality. We have installed many ACR stoves over the years and always get great feedback.

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The cold weather is here! Please call us and we will advise on the best solution for you. Moreover, despite having many wood burner installations in front of us, we still have lots of dates available. However, it is advisable to book your slot as soon as possible. We will install your woodburner or multi fuel stove at very short notice if required. Please fill in our contact form or email us. We try to be as responsive as possible despite this busy winter period.

Glowing Stoves wish all our customers in Somerset and Devon a Happy and Cosy New Year.