Taunton log burner installers and Twin wall chimney installations in Somerset.

Taunton log burner installers go the extra mile for their customers. Glowing Stoves in Ruishton, Taunton specialise in fireplace modifications and wood-burning stove installations. Because we do so many fireplace knockouts where we enlarge the height and width, we are extremely fast and efficient. Our stove installation prices reflect this and we usually beat every quote. Multifuel and wood burner sales, and professional HETAS stove installation.

Multifuel Stove Installation in Creech St Michael, Taunton.

Glowing Stoves are Taunton log burner installers based in Ruishton, Taunton.

This stove installation project is in a 1960s bungalow in Creech St Michael. Because the fireplace is small, we raise the height and fit a lintel. Furthermore, we widen the chamber to the maximum. We like to see a minimum space around the stove of 100-150mm sides and 300mm above the log burner. This always looks great and allows plenty of heat to enter the room. We install an ACR Woodpecker widescreen stove. At £899, the ACR Woodpecker multifuel stove is our best-selling stove. Because it is a multifuel stove, it will burn smokeless fuel and wood very efficiently. Also, another key factor is that the Woodpecker can be run at up to 8KW. Furthermore, it is DEFRA approved for smoke control areas. Because we are Taunton log burner installers, this fireplace project is very close to us. We get many local recommendations for our stove and fireplace services.

Wood-burning stoves and fireplace enlargements.

A woodburner or multifuel stove will always be more efficient with space around it. Therefore, it is best practice to enlarge your fireplace chamber to leave space around the stove. Glowing Stoves specialise in fireplace enlargements. Because there is immense weight in a chimney, it is vital to support it correctly. Get it right, and you have a happy dog stretching in front of the fire. Get it wrong and you have an expensive insurance claim!