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Looking for a small stove that kicks out heat? If you are looking for a value wood burner to fit in a tiny space please read on.

This installation is in a narrow brick fireplace. The fireplace opening is only 540 mm wide. Because of this, a narrow stove is needed that is still able to heat the lounge and kitchen.

Our customers choose a Solway Medium Multi-fuel Stove. The Solway is a cost-effective solution to rising energy prices. This Mi-Fires range of stoves is available in three flavors. The log burner pictured is the medium version and is a 5 KW model. There is also a smaller version that has the same width and height as the medium Solway. However, it has a shallower depth and is rated at 4.1 KW. Furthermore, there is also a large model which is 8 KW.

The Solway Medium Multi-fuel is a steel-bodied model with a cast iron door. The Solway is very versatile as it will burn both smokeless fuel and wood. Its powerful air wash system helps keep the large glass screen clean.

Its real plus however is the size. The Solway Medium has a height of 487 mm and more importantly a width of only 350 mm. This small stove will fit in fireplace openings that are very narrow indeed. The height of a fireplace can always be raised. However, the width cannot always be widened unless structural work is carried out. This normally makes it prohibitively expensive.

The Solway has a timeless design that doesn’t date.

Installers of Log Burners and Multi-fuel Stoves in Somerset.

Glowing Stoves in Taunton sell and install wood-burning stoves within a twenty-mile radius of Taunton. We specialise in Fireplace alterations. Let us enlarge your fireplace so that your new stove fits perfectly. We can supply a large or small stove, traditional or contemporary.

Perhaps you require a beautiful freestanding log burner in a space with no chimney? We can do this with Twin Wall Chimney Systems. Moreover, this is becoming increasingly popular as many people are now working from home. Because of this, stove installations in outside timber-framed offices are very much in demand.

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