Stove installations with chimney flue lining in Milverton, Somerset.

Glowing Stoves carry out two stove installations in this project. Our customers have two inglenook fireplaces and two old log burners. The stoves are old, inefficient, and absolutely devour wood. They want a stove with a nominal 5 KW size so that an air vent is not a requirement. Because of the large size of the fireplace, a cast-iron stove with good size is needed. There are very few multi-fuel stoves available that are large enough not to look lost in these fireplaces. However, the ACR Rowendale fits the bill perfectly.

Once the scaffold is up, we remove the old wood burners. The chimney is very large in the lounge, so we wrap the liner with a flue insulation blanket. Insulating a flue liner helps the liner to retain heat and increase the flue draft. We recommend this when carrying out inglenook stove installations. Furthermore, it also helps prevent condensation on the outside of the flue liner. This, in turn, improves the lifespan of the liner. However, installing the liner needs to be done carefully so that the insulation is not damaged when the liner is fitted. For most stove installations, we generally drop the flue liner from the top. When we insulate a flue, we normally pull up the insulated flue liner from the bottom.

ACR Rowendale multifuel stove.

There are many things to like about the Rowendale stove. The completely cast iron body and door scream quality. This is coupled with a ten-year warranty as standard. Glowing Stoves love its large panoramic door and the traditional yet contemporary design. This stove also has a large output range of 3.5KW – 7.5 KW.

ACR Rowendale Stove specifications.

  • Height 575mm.
  • Width 555mm.
  • Depth 370mm.
  • Output 5KW Nominal rating.
  • Efficiency 81.8% net. A-rated.
  • Suitable for a 12mm hearth.
  • 40mm log length.
  • DEFRA Approved for smoke control areas.
  • 125mm flue size, making stove installations easier.

There has never been a better time to install a wood burning stove. Because energy prices have increased dramatically recently, stove installations make sound economic sense.

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